Ángela Vicario

Santiago is undoubtedly the center figure of the novel, but Angela is a person without whom a story would not happen. The first impression about Angela is not too attractive. She appears as a helpless girl who is not able to care about her future. She is too depended on her mum and follows her instructions on life without hesitation. She had no right to make any decision on her life even on such a meaningful thing as marriage. She was forced to accept the other’s decision and prepares to the married life with an unloved man. Angela completely realizes that her voice would not be heard and nobody will consider it.

One day Angela was returned to her family as the girl who lost her virginity. Now we meet another person completely different from that innocent little girl that was presented at the beginning. She does not follow the commands of her mum anymore and is not afraid of anything in life. Most surprising thing is that she tells everyone her story and has not any feeling of shame. She lost the main thing every girl should protect, and there is nothing left to lose.

However, there is one strange thing that could not be explained. Nobody believes that Santiago was the one who damaged Angela’s innocent. She never gives anybody any detail of the story and could not prove that he was the exact man. But the fact is that Santiago was eventually killed.

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