Old Major

Orwell gives the title of “Old Major” to a wise pig, whose oratorical abilities inspired all animals to revolt. In his speech he lists the crimes of human against “beautiful creatures”, calling for the construction of a new world order. Although later, in his confession, he admits that his life was happy and comfortable when Jones was an owner. Old Major is highly respected on the farm, as evidenced by his primacy in singing. However, he sees a world in black and white colors, where people are absolute evil, whereas animals are the protectors of good. Therefore, his warning is not surprising: “We should not be like humans”. Old Major, with his dreaminess, does not seek power, which in the long run will play a cruel joke with the ideals of the revolution. The image of the Major suggests the idea of ​​Karl Marx, whose ideas have long served as a source of inspiration for thousands of people, even after the betrayal of their leaders.

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Old Major Quotes

All animals are equal, but some animals are more equal than others.

Chapter number : 10 Page number : 112

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