Pedro Vicario

Pedro and Pablo are twins and brothers to Angela. Being twins makes them similar, but there are differences between two of them anyway. Pedro is younger for several minutes as the narrator states. He also claims that if to compare two brothers, Pedro is more sensitive one and has a kind heart. However, he is more autocratic one, at the same time. As far as the provided information allows to see, Pedro was previously a servant in the military. There he obtained the nature of boss and the strong desire to give everyone commands. He also was infected by gonorrhea in the military.

Pedro is more serious than his brother, and we can find lots of examples to this statement. However, both of them are committing the same crime – they kill Santiago. Brothers feel like they are protecting their honor and claims that they are innocent. It may serve as a proof of their arrogance and violence, but in fact, it doesn’t. Both boys were following the rules of the society they were living in. They were forced to kill Santiago as the norms of their community stated so. It is hard to say if they wanted to commit the murder, but it is clear that they became victims of the social norms.

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