Pablo Vicario

Pablo Vicario is Angela’s brother and the one from Vicario’s twins. He is a little bit older, but it does not make him serious. There are lots of examples where he acted as the younger one. A calling to kill Santiago was originated by Pablo, though. He was ready to protect his honor and complete the rule of the society unshakably. However, in most cases, Pablo does not appear as a determined person. He is following the instruction of his younger brother who is more resolute.

Two brothers are different in spite of being physically identical. Pablo was not applied to the military and stayed safely at home while Pedro was serving there. He took care of the family and worked for its good condition. He looks like a kindhearted man but in the case of Santiago’s murder Pablo appears more decisive. He insisted on continuing their process even after seeing the knife of Colonel Aponte. Pablo is convinced that this murder is the thing that should be done for any sake. He is like his brother a victim of the established in social norms, and he does not feel guilty. Pablo is sure that he has done what he was supposed to do, completing his moral obligation.

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