Philip Lombard

A soldier of fortune. Literally down to his last square meal, he comes to the island with a loaded revolver, as suggested by his invitation letter. Lombard is accused of causing the deaths of a number of East African tribesmen, after stealing their food and abandoning them to their deaths.

First of all, it is important to mention that Philip Lombard is considered to be one of the most mysterious characters introduced by English writer Agatha Christie in her best-seller. To be precise, his past is the most mysterious part of his biography. In the past, this man was a soldier of fortune that served in Africa. On the pages of the novel, Philip Lombard is described as “sort of fellow who might do several murders in some quiet out-of-the-way spot.” Apart from that, the author described him as a world traveler, and that’s the main reason why these individuals arrived at such an exotic location known as the Indian Island. Another reason was related to his employment – Mr. Isaac Morris hired the former military man because he needed a good man in a tight spot. From the very beginning, the readers may understand that this person is a negative character depicted in the novel. It is evident because he is the only man who always carries a gun and seemed to be very dangerous.

In the book, Agatha Christie wrote that Philip Lombard moved “like a panther.” Such a detailed description proves that Mr. Lombard is a negative character. In the last part of the novel, Philip Lombard began to suspect Judge Lawrence Wargrave of killing all the guests on the island. What is more important, he is courageous enough to voice his suspicions and share his ideas with the other characters in the book. Although Philip Lombard attempted to display his strength and courage, he had some weaknesses as well. The first and foremost thing that should be mentioned is his old-fashioned and chivalrous attitude toward women.

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