Ragnar Danneskjöld

One of the strangest personages in the novel. His temper inspires fear and doubt, so people in business do not want to have affairs with him. His biography is decorated with exorcisms and terrible gossip, retelling his predatory raids. In fact, he is a pirate of the new time with the principles of a seasoned criminal.

At one time he dreamed of becoming an itinerant philosopher, offering abstract concepts and theoretical knowledge to the world. The hero belongs to pseudo-pacifists who refuse to take up arms for the sake of the country, but who beat persons for their own benefit. He recalls the Viking, clutching at the sword because of his fervor and uncompromising.

Ragnar is frequently condemned by other personages who characterize his position as extremely outrageous. Being a philosopher among marauders is as dangerous as being hardened criminals. We can say that his childhood dream came true. He supports strikers, flouting traditional foundations. The hero seeks to create a society in his own image, disregarding the opinions of others.

Ragnar is firmly convinced that intellectuals might be great warriors. He calls the fight against the illegal accumulation of wealth a moral crusade designed to defend the law from abuse. Guided by own understanding of justice, he wants to return some of the property to victims of corruption. Of course, not everyone approves of his power methods, which is quite consistent with his rebellious nature.

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