Ragueneau is an example of a good person. He is Cyrano’s friend, who helps him in lots of hard situations. At the beginning of the play, he is a beloved pastry cook, who is very popular throughout the whole city and is something close to being called a rich person. But as it sometimes happens, he was cheated by the wife. As a very sensible person, he loses her and his business very fast becoming bankrupt. During the whole story, he appears to be a hard-working person because he never stays without a job, always trying to find himself again.

He takes odd jobs at one point appointed by Cyrano to be Roxane's steward and porter. He travels to war with her and helps feed the troops. He is kind-hearted, well-intentioned, and a little bumbling.

While he was working in his own pastry shop, he gives pastries in return of good poems that is why his shop was always full of beauty to the ears as poets visit him frequently. He always admits that poems are the food for the soul and underlines the division between the physical and spiritual aspects of the world.

He is not a dynamic character; he is rather an example of the person who is too good to this world; who made a wrong decision once and continued to take the consequences through the whole life.

Also, the author of the text didn’t give him much of lines, that is why the only attitude we have is a good one. No one knows concrete which was Ragueneau just because of this lack of words.

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