Randle Patrick McMurphy

McMurphy is a very wise person, who was destined to change the place where he is forever. We don’t know if he’s a psychopath or not, and unfortunately, we’ll never get it. But we know for sure, that he’s is smart, likeable and he gives to the patients the ability to take back that power and strength, that a cruel Nurse Ratched stole from them with her strange and cruel rules. Unfortunately, when McMurphy is sent to the hospital after attempting to strangle Nurse, he returns completely another man—part of his brain and all of his spirit were gone.

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Randle Patrick McMurphy Quotes

McMurphy doesn’t know it, but he’s onto what I realized a long time back, that it’s not just the Big Nurse by herself, but it’s the whole Combine, the nation-wide Combine that’s the really big force, and the nurse is just a high-ranking official for them.

I tried to talk to [McMurphy] into playing along with [Nurse Ratched] so’s to get out of the treatments, but he just laughed and told me Hell, all they was doin’ was chargin’ his battery for him, free for nothing.

First Charles Cheswick and now William Bibbit! I hope you’re finally satisfied. Playing with human lives—gambling with human lives—as if you thought yourself to be a God!

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