Red Sam Butts

Red Sammy was a good man, who was working in the Tower with his wife. Moreover, he was an owner. As the character doesn’t have a lot of lines, it is hard to describe in a very precise way as anyone else.

What do we know? He is an owner of the BBQ restaurant and seems like this business is going completely normal for them. Exactly his dialogue with the family of main heroes gives the title to the story. After the conversation with Grandmother who was quarreling and saying that everyone behaves in a wrong way, he said: "A good man is hard to find, everything is getting terrible. I remember the day you could go off and leave your screen door unlatched. Not no more." And it is so awful that his words are completely true. Some time ago we could go sleeping without worrying that someone will enter your house and robbed you, or moreover kill you and the whole family.

To the surprise of lots of people, he was the only person of the whole story who liked the Grandmother. He encounters a person of like mind in the grandmother—who are also shocked by the state of the world—he enjoys her conversation. The grandmother calls him a "good man," which seems fine by him. Also, a fun fact about him – he owns a monkey.

June Star said that Red Sammy is a fat man with the happy laugh. It is completely visible that he was sympathetic to her even after she keeps continuing the phrase “a good main is hard to find.”

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