Red Sam's Wife

His wife is a very good woman too. She is shown as a tall burnt-brown woman with hair and eyes lighter than her skin. When the family of main heroes comes to the Tower, she is responsible for taking orders. Even here June Star finds how to make tricks and make fun; she insults her by making fun of the run-down building.

Well, as well as her husband, she doesn’t play a very big role. She isn’t very important, but she is needed to show the contrast of the society and the difference between people’s characters. She is described as calm, good woman, though she tried not to rely on anyone, what is more, she didn’t even trust her husband. Probably she had a hard destiny, but the reader never gets to know it.

The main role of this character in the book is to help Red Sammy to run the business. The main things she does is taking orders and preparing them. Maybe, her role was even the main one; unfortunately, she wasn’t very skilful and efficient in it.

Also, being very kind she likes June Star and thinks that she is cute for doing her tap dance routine; June Star does not respond kindly to the woman's praise.

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Red Sam's Wife in the Essays