This personage is from Lilliputian’s land. He is the chief secretary of the secret affairs of the country and also a Gulliver's friend. He tells him about the two warring parties of high and low heels and about the Blefuscu — empire on the big island, with which the Lilliputians fights. Redresal also secretly warns Gulliver about Emperor’s cruel plans. At first, the main leader of the Lilliputian’s country wants to kill Gulliver, but then humanely decides to make him blind, and then starve to death. Thanks to the warning, Gulliver pretends that he does not know about the verdict and goes to Blefuscu. Therefore, Redresal saves Gulliver’s life. On the banks, he finds an inverted boat. He repairs and equips it, stocks with provisions and leaves the country of the Lilliputians.

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