Renée de Villefort

Renée de Villefort does not belong to those characters that play crucial roles in the novel, but she is undoubtedly important too. She is a symbol of a woman with a strong soul and courage. It is hard to say many words and give a full characteristic for Renée de Villefort for that reason that she was not able to live a long life and died to be very young. Being a young girl with the name Renée de Saint-Meran, she was really kind and generous person with a great heart who cares about everybody and does not want to do any harm to the surroundings. 
Being a fiancée of Villefort, she does not support all of his actions and desires, but he becomes his wife anyway. He born him a son and is a great example of an ideal wife. Actually, Renée de Villefort is a good side of Villefort himself, and he would be happy if he would have the chance to have her by his side all the time. He is not similar to his first wife and does not follow the right path she showed him. The perfect person is not alive anymore, and nobody had appreciated her before she had died.

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