Robert Ferrars

Robert Ferrars is the youngest child of Mrs. Ferrars and a brother of Fanny and Edward. Along with the elder brother and a sister, he depends on his strict and despotic mother financially and is obliged to follow her wills. At the same time, as well as Mrs. Ferrars, Robert is highly interested in money, status, and nice clothes. He likes to show off with obtaining a diploma at Westminster and considers himself to be of a greater significance than poorly educated Edward. When Elinor meets this selfish person, she is impressed by his foolishness and decides not to argue with foolish claims made by Robert. Instead, she supports all his ideas and agrees to everything he says, thinking he does not deserve her opposition. Unlike Elinor, Lucy pretends she is interested in Robert and makes everything possible to attract his attention. Knowing how self-confident he is, she makes him feel significant for her, in this way, provoking romantic feelings towards her. In the long run, the struggles of Lucy appear to be successful, and they get married not even asking for his mother’s permission. Besides, by marrying Lucy, Robert wants to make Edward jealous; however, he is the only person to be tricked.

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