Magdalene Robin / Roxane

As it usually happens in stories like that, Roxan plays the role of a beautiful girl who breaks hearts of man. She is a cousin of Cyrano, she is very beautiful and at the same time intelligent. She knows exactly what to do at that time, how to overcome problems, how to behave herself in different situations. She loves poetry and romance; she is wit, which means that she is like a representative of Romance Age. Light, bright, silent and calm – and all these qualities are very attractive to men, which Roxane knows for sure.

The whole story centers near her character and all the man who wants to win her love. With little agency, curiosity, or will in regard to the entreaties of her suitors, Roxane is the constant star in a perplexing galaxy of affection. Nearly every character is either directly affected by her love or is hoping to win it. But winning Roxane is not Cyrano’s or Christian’s goal: winning her love. It alters Christian and Cyrano in respectively different ways throughout the play, and it defines each scene’s tone and attitude.

She falls in love with Christian's beauty and says it to him, but at the same time she falls in love with Cyrano’s mind and tells him about it too. She is described as a précieuse, from French it means precious. But in the 17th century France it means a person who values inner qualities more than out ones. That is why Christian is scared that she will choose not him, just because of his plain-speaking manner.

Finally, she marries Christian and travels to the siege to be with him, but after his death joins a convent to live out the rest of her years. She discovers that Cyrano is her true love, but not in time to truly be with him. She is warm-hearted, charming, and intelligent.

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Magdalene Robin / Roxane in the Essays