Santiago Nasar

Santiago Nasar is the central figure in the book, and the whole plot is turning around this man. However, the strange thing, we have not too much information about this person. The plot is connected with Santiago’s death, but it is hard to distinguish the reasons for his death and details that had led to it. The author gives the short list of data about Santiago. The man has significant prosperity, he is going to get married, and these are almost all details that are characterizing Santiago as a person.

We also know that Santiago has Arabic roots. It is possible that these roots could affect the reason for his death. The author points on the racism that is presented in the society and shows the feeling of neglecting that each member of the minor category experiences. Santiago was born and raised in the surrounding of the group of people but still was the stranger for them while being “a different.”

The most confused question is about the reasons of Santiago’s death. All things are complicated with the fact that there could not be a strict answer to this question. We can’t say whether Santiago was innocent or guilty. We can notice his reaction when he found out that Angela’s brothers are looking for the chance to kill him. This fact makes the reader wonder if there is justice in the community. The community has the rule about a girl that lost her virginity, and it states that a girl should be returned to her family. The man who is guilty should be killed by the brothers of the girl. But was Santiago the one who should be killed? This could not be proved as well as his innocence could not be proved.

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