Being an ardent supporter of Old Major’s principles of, he tries to improve intellectual, moral and physical qualities of other animals. He believes that literacy will help them understand the rules of animalism depicted on the barn wall. He reduces The Seven Commandments to clear and concise instructions in order to maximally simplify a new ideology of the farm. By nature, Snowball is a strategist and thinker. Perhaps that's why many of his projects, such as committees or a windmill, fail. This character is associated with Trotsky, the same fighter for a just cause, which invests his soul and body in the ideals of the revolution. Demonstrating logic and oratorical skills, the idealist Snowball nevertheless loses the brute force of Napoleon. It is worth remembering the episode when Snowball, without resistance, recognized the greatness of the pigs over the animal world of the farm. In this way, Orwell shows how good intentions gradually lose their charm under the pressure of a brutal reality, and corruption will always be stronger than honesty.

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Snowball Quotes

Four legs good, two legs bad.

Chapter number : 3 Page number : 29

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