Sofia Semyonovna Marmeladova

Sonya is Semen Marmeladov`s daughter from the first marriage. The tortured girl who is suffering from poverty and despair of stepmother, she is forced to become a prostitute because her father is a drunk, unable to support his family. But, miraculously, she seems untouched by her experience, although she acknowledges the brutal truth that life on the street has only three possible outcomes: suicide, madness, or corruption. As for Raskolnikov, this woman embodies the hope of salvation from loneliness. Sonia is a spiritual confessor for him. She sacrificed herself for the sake of others, not for herself. Sonya's selfless love revives the heart of Raskolnikov, and a "new life" opens up to us. Her faith, gentleness and pure love help him to understand the meaning of human existence.

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