Squealer is the embodiment of flattery and hypocrisy, Napoleon's right hand. He is the minister of propaganda, providing support to his leader. Due to his oratorical qualities and lack of principles, Squealer is able to distort the meaning of each thing and turn evil into good. He uses complex metaphors, jargon, and statistics to confuse other inhabitants of the farm and instill a sense of insecurity in them. This explains its usefulness for Napoleon. Meeting doubts from other animals, the tyrant resorts to the help of propaganda to convince in own correctness. So, to the question of why Napoleon appropriated milk and apples, Squealer refers to the useful substances necessary to support the pigs’ health. At the same time, he emphasizes that only for the sake of the common good Napoleon is forced to eat them. Squealer serves as an absurd and illogical justification for corruption and violence. In the image of Squealer Orwell sought to show the manipulation of media by politicians for their own benefits.

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