A man of the giant physique is Supercargo. Though he is one of the blacks, he has a job. Moreover, he has some power over people. He seems not to be suppressed by the whites. However, his life is even more difficult. Supercargo works as an attendant who supervises mentally disabled people; they are patients who are present at the Golden Day.

When he wears his uniform, he has some obedience from patients. Without his uniform, Supercargo is subject to be attacked by the patients because he is not able to keep control of them. Without his uniform, he is knocked till becoming unconscious by the patients who sense his lack of power.

The character of Supercargo demonstrates that the Blacks never feel safe. In order to get some power, they need to have an attribute of control since. The work with mental patients is difficult; it demands constant focus on a variety of aspects. The whites do not take this fact into consideration; they tend to perceive Supercargo as the slaver who has to serve fair. 

The described situation makes the reader define for themselves who is right and who is wrong. Everything depends on perceptions of the loyalty of patients. Moreover, Supercargo manifests obedience to the regime which is not able to secure him.

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