The Farmer

Exploring the new country — Brobdingnag, Gulliver with his companions was found by a giant farmer, growing up 22 meters (in Lilliput, all the sizes are 12 times smaller than ours, in Brobdingnag — 12 times larger). Farmer treats him as a wonder and shows him for money. At the hotel, ‘Green Eagle’ Gulliver gives twelve performances per day. Farmer’s greed grows, Gulliver literally loses rest and becomes really exhausted. He starts to lose his weight. The farmer does not actually care about this. He just wants money, more and more, and he is only afraid that Gulliver can die soon and will not be able to make a profit for him and sell him to the Brobdingnagian Queen. The Farmer is an avid, inhuman, cruel and rough man.

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