The father

This hero is Gregor's and Grete`s father. He is a lazy man who does nothing all day. He is in some debt his son paying off with the money he was getting with his job; he is unemployed. 
He is uncertain about Gregor`s transformation from the beginning and always assumes the worst if his son emerges from his room. The first wounds Gregor while trying to shove him into his room and then cripples him by throwing an apple into his back. Gregor’s father is cruel and selfish only caring about himself and about things that will benefit him. He doesn’t even care about his son. He has no feeling to his son; he only seeks to preserve the status of his family.
His attitude toward Gregor after the transformation is very harsh and inconsiderate. He also regards the transformed Gregor in disgust and some fear. 
The father just expects a moment to get rid of the monster. From the very beginning of the horrible reincarnation, the father sought how to harm his helpless son physically. Gregor’s presence was only a burden on the family.
Having lost his business, which has exhausted and emotionally broke him, he is forced to return to work after a situation that has happened to Gregor. Even though the new work is in his favor, he is very hostile to Gregor.

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