The Grandfather

The figure of the Grandfather is rather vague. He is more reflected in the thoughts and fears of the narrator. The Grandfather’s character is the one who truly knows the thoughts of the narrator. It is worth noting that the Grandfather is the person of old believes since he offers the protagonist the only way of co-existence with the whites. As far as the Grandfather cherishes the wish to obey the rules of the whites till the death, the narrator feels that his Grandfather is mocking him. 

The Grandfather’s death is not easily experienced by the narrator due to the understanding that the Grandfather is dying with bitter thoughts. After the death, the protagonist takes in that his relative has never experienced humanity because he has lived in a fearful society with non-written cruel rules. Therefore, the narrator is a bit confused by not being able to choose the appropriate way of behavior with the whites. 

The Grandfather appears in the narrator’s dreams prophesying that the narrator will run from true himself for the rest of his life as he does not know who he is because of the past blind believes. The narrator is questing the way to get a complete understanding of his soul, and the Grandfather serves as a spiritual mentor who appears in thoughts and dreams. When the narrator is confused and cannot choose the way out, the Grandfather appears in his memories.

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The Grandfather in the Essays