The King

The King is the head of Brobdingnag country. He is a wise, kind and discerning monarch; he despises every mystery, refinement, and intrigue of both sovereigns and ministers. He issues simple and clear laws, takes care of the well-being of his subjects, and does not exalt himself above others, like the King of the Lilliputians. In his country exist no punishment, no trial, no prisons, there is common sense, there is no intrigue and hypocrisy. His people do not fight with anyone. The Brobdingnagian King can’t believe at first that Gulliver isn’t just a piece of clockwork. He sends him to three scientists. They do a research but can not understand how he came into the world. They think that he broke the laws of nature. Afterward, the Brobdingnagian King comes to Gulliver and has a small talk with him about matters of state. Gulliver tells him about England and receives justified criticism of the judicial, financial and army system. He refuses with horror the gift from Gulliver, who proposes to disclose the secret of gunpowder to him, for the ruler of ordinary farmers, whose work is valued more than the work of whole imperial majesty, such a formidable weapon is unnecessary.

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