The mother

Mrs. Samsa is initially shocked at her son`s transformation but wants to enter his room. When she sees Gregor, she is afraid and repulsed at his new form. Tender and concerned, Gregor`s mother is torn between love for her son and her horror from the new state of Gregor. Greta and Gregor's father want to protect her from the whole reality of turning her son. Mother feels Gregor`s need in her care, but she avoids it because of a weak physical condition. There happens to be a rise in conflict between her maternal impulse and sympathy and her fear of her son`s transformation into this “monster.”
She suffers from asthma, but she is also forced to go to work to make money for the family after Gregor’s transformation. Her relation to Gregor is one of the dutiful and loving mothers, but her tendency to faint upon seeing him is not conducive to helping him. After begging to see Gregor, she is finally allowed in his room but faints as soon as he appears. She then proceeds to save Gregor from his father's apple-throwing wrath. Since Mrs. Samsa is extremely quiet and always does what she is told, her opinions on family affairs remain unknown, and her personality is subsumed in her husband's authority. She is a very weak woman meaning she has no power in the house. However, she seems to love Gregor most out of everyone in the house. Finally, the mother also does not sympathize with him; she is tired from the sense of horror in her own home, and she is ready to renounce her son.
When Gregor passes away, Mrs. Samsa appears as if she will not linger over what has happened and will be able to move on with her life.  She, with her husband, will financially support themselves by marrying Grete.

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