The Narrator (Chronicle of a Death Foretold)

The Narrator who tells the whole story in the novel has no exact name but perfectly plays his role of a teller. He is the one who gives us so many details about his surroundings and helps to understand what is going on. He is a friend with Santiago and all time knows about the preparation for Santiago’s murder. He was the one who informed his friend about Angela’s brother's intentions and was shocked by Santiago’s reaction. He does not give too many details about his friend, and we are not able to say whether he thought Santiago was guilty or not. The narrator was not presented when the murder had happened. When he returned, he found out that local people had known about Vicario’s intentions but did not do anything to stop it. It was the most confusing question for the narrator that he could not understand.

The narrator himself was in love with Maria Servantes. However, at the end of the story, he eventually married another woman, Mercedes Barcha. There is extremely few information about the narrator as a person. The author did not even give him a name in order not to accentuate too much attention on this figure.

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The Narrator (Chronicle of a Death Foretold) in the Essays