The Proposer

The unknown narrator in ‘A Modest Proposal’ is not Jonathan Swift himself, though he can look like him. Rather, he is prone to exaggeration man, who represents a class of people whom Swift especially neglected. The Proposer looks like well-educated, rich, English  Protestant who does not actually care about the humanity of Ireland’s Catholic poor. We can read full of indignation essay, devoted to such a ‘useful’ for a society thing as cannibalism through the thoughts of the protagonist. He is deeply sad and disappointed about things that are happening in his country, (for three years, Ireland suffered catastrophically from harvest failures), and he found a great solution to help everyone in need. He is sure that eating children has only positive sides and can save Great Britain, and that no one should have any feeling of disapproval to an insane cannibalistic plan. The Proposer is completely impersonal, he thinks about the drawbacks of genocide only briefly, but optimistically concludes that it isn't really a problem. He has a very greedy attitude, and his indifference to the society pushes away. He is a choosy and totally disoriented person, whose grand plans for the development of Irish society fail, taking into consideration the most basic hypothesis and rules of human decency, civility and morality.

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The Proposer in the Essays