The Visiting Magistrate

The visiting magistrate is a figure in the novel that was not named. He was not local and was invited to the village after the murder. It was Lazaro Aponte who asked the magistrate to come and discover the matter of Santiago’s murder. The visiting magistrate had previously finished the school of law and Aponte was hoping that he could help to solve the problem. Magistrate agreed, but he did not realize how complicated the situation was.

At first, he was shocked by the number of fatal incidents that were followed by Santiago’s death. The magistrate is struggling to investigate the reasons and peculiarities of the accident. He is regarded by a tendency to characterize everything in the literary terms. For the man full of rational reasoning it was extremely hard to make logical assumptions in explaining the coincidences and aspects of Santiago’s death. He was an intellectual person and had a desire to accomplish his investigation in a scholar way. However, the list of fatal accidents could not be properly explained with rational assumptions. The door to the light was impossible to be opened, and the murder was not discovered. We find out that the narrator uses magistrate’s observation to complete his chronicles.

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The Visiting Magistrate in the Essays