A veteran is a black man with a specific viewpoint. He is the one to have a direct relation to the World War the Second. He is housed in a mental asylum for some reason; however, he seems to be even more conscious of the general situation with racism than those who are addressed to be aware of the issue. 

The veteran’s character can be described as highly analytical. The reader may find out that he is the person who understands the truth about the real preconditions which are hidden in white philanthropy in relation to the blacks. 

The story uses abled and disabled characters; however, the last seems to be more conscious and wise than those who have every chance to rule, but they do not want to take off pink glasses and understand that all people are equal no matter what aspect is concerned: physical or psychological. 

The veteran is wise, and it is even better that he lives in the mental asylum because no one can influence his point of view. He lives in a cruel society with a number of prejudices concerning those who have some distinction. He serves as a key to understanding the whites’ behavior.

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Veteran in the Essays