We can’t say much about this character, as he isn’t dynamic or changing his role, attitudes, desires or aims during the text. In this text, Wainwright is described as a strong leader of the Freedom League. What is that? It is a religiously based group; their main aim is to oppose opposes Earth's domination by the Overlords. No matter that the Overlords’ have clear, good intentions and helpful attitude. Probably, always has to be something that will try to contract. Unfortunately not still good wins. Who won here? Find it out!

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Wainwright Quotes

You know why Wainwright and his kind fear me, don't you?.. They fear that we know the truth about the origins of their faiths. How long, they wonder, have we been observing humanity? Have we watched Mohammad begin the hegira, or Moses giving the Jews their law? Do we know all the false in their stories they believe?


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