William Henry Blore

William Henry Blore is the following character of the novel, And Then There Were None that should be discussed. Firstly, he was also invited to the Indian Island together with the other nine guests. Mr. Henry Blore is a former policeman who practiced corruption and committed crimes in this way. In accordance with the plot of the novel, this character was invited to the Indian Island as a detective whose main goal was to keep an eye on the jewels of Mr. Owen. Apart from that, the additional goal of this detective was to sniff out everything related to the guests of this exotic location. The interesting thing that should be mentioned is the fact that William Henry Blore was called “a bad had” by the commissioner assistant. At the beginning of the novel, when this former policeman arrived at the island, he used the false name. Evidently, the individuals that have nothing to hide will not use false names while introducing themselves to the new people. It is evident that all the characters of any novel differ from one another that makes them unique and interesting. However, in this case, William Henry Blore has many features that remind us of Philip Lombard that was mentioned above. The list of their common features includes self-centrism, selfishness, and self-preservation. William Henry Blore, as well as Philip Lombard, did not care about the other guests of the island. In turn, they considered their own safety and security. While sniffing out some interesting details regarding the biography of every guest, William Henry Blore remained suspicious of every individual out of nine arriving at the Indian Island. Later, the former policeman realized that when he voiced his suspicions and accused the guests in this particular way, each of them died due to the inexplicable reasons.  

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William Henry Blore in the Essays