Yahoos are people who got into the country of the Houyhnhnms a long time ago. They did not create umbrellas and tame parrots like Robinson Crusoe. They became wild very quickly and turned into disgusting, pathetic and spiteful creatures. Moreover, the Yahoos themselves became domesticated working cattle in the noble horse class. They keep these anthropoid apes on a leash as pets. Yahoos hate each other more than animals of other species; the cause of this phenomenon is usually seen in their external disgrace, which they see in other members of their breed, but do not notice in themselves. They're extremely greedy: they can kill each other over a certain shiny rock found on the street, which, beyond being shiny, has no value. They are dirty, nasty, voracious, selfish, and stupid; the Yahoos are the embodiment of everything gross and crude in human nature.

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