Fear in 1984

According to Orwell, there is nothing and nothing more terrible than the total lack of freedom/ “1984” is a cult novel of the English writer George Orwell, who became the canon of the genre of anti-utopia. Here you can find the fear, despair and struggle against the system, which inspires the opposition. The author portrayed the possible future of mankind as a totalitarian hierarchical system based on the sophisticated physical and spiritual enslavement, permeated with the universal fear and hatred.

This is a cult dystopia, which literally turns over consciousness. The novel shows what the totalitarian path of development leads to. About a bright, beautiful future can be forgotten. The rigid state hierarchy rests on the physical and spiritual oppression of citizens, the abolition of the human dignity and freedom. The state fully controls all spheres of the existence: politics, economy, education, media, personal life and even the thoughts of people. In society, hatred and fear reign. The author’s warnings about the danger of some trends in society are adjacent to the thoughts of the futility of the struggle for a better future.

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The atmosphere, the place of action and the atmosphere are described to such a degree brightly, in detail that you feel this tension in the air, which becomes difficult to breathe. It feels like in this world, a country, a city never to see the sun from the clouds and from time to time falling shells to the ground. People, their clothes, hair, thoughts are all filled with fear. No one here smiles.

For every person is watching a lot of cameras, everywhere microphones. People who did not obey were against the party or gave themselves at least a glance - disappeared. All articles, documents, photos of this person were destroyed as if this person did not exist at all. Everyone was afraid to become the next person to come.

“The elder brother is watching you” and nobody knows if this is an “elder brother” or not. Posters on all walls of the city are hung with photographs of a person, rigorous, mysteriously calm, and wherever you go, from which side did not look at this face - his eyes always look at you.

That novel would not have gained its popularity only at the expense of the author’s political and linguistic skills. George Orwell, also a great artist of the word and with incredible skill, transmitted the atmosphere of the horror of an ordinary person to a totalitarian regime, the fear of losing the last freedom - freedom of thought. Moreover, on this background, he depicted the story of love, whose tenderness and passion make us sympathize with the heroes and wish for them a happy ending.

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