I understood that centuries of chains and Anthem

I understood that centuries of chains and lashes will not kill the spirit of man nor the sense of truth within him. (Chapter 12, paragraph 2)

Quote Analysis

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This quote speaks for itself and appeals to any historical period of any country. The spirit of a man, the innate understanding of good and evil, freedom and slavery, is something that was discussed from the most ancient times. Some consider it nature, some - a particle of God, put into each of us, but mostly the philosophers agree that the universal self-understanding and the basic morals exist in every human being. Every generation that survived through slavery, weakened, humiliated and indoctrinated, still gives birth to the passionaries, who see their goals in liberating the rest of their people (or at least themselves and their dear ones).

The spirit of human and the “sense of truth” is something that is present in each of us, so anyone, disregarding the starting conditions, social status, age, wealth and other factors, can find the way back to their basic dignity, feeling of self-worth and self-love in the healthy sense. This turns an ordinary human being into Atlas, able to hold the whole sky on their shoulders, because there is no limits for a person, understanding themselves, free from the social expectations, humiliation and praising.

A human being has everything inside themselves to evaluate themselves, judge themselves and give credit to themselves. When one understands this and allows this idea to become part of their personality, one becomes free, and neither slavery, nor tortures, humiliation or hard labor can take away this freedom and its spirit. The main and the dearest thing to preserve is the understanding that no one can do anything to you if you consider yourself free.