The secrets of this earth are not Anthem

The secrets of this earth are not for all men to see, but only for those who will seek them. (Chapter 3, paragraph 8)

Quote Analysis

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This quote from Anthem by Ayn Rand is quite contradictory, because, from the one hand it restricts “the secrets of this earth” - e.g. the goods and treasures in metaphorical sense - to few individuals. But then the author expands the definition of a few, describing that only those who actively seek this secrets will - and will definitely - find them. The possibilities of achieving something depend on the person and their determination only.

So it is natural that some people, who aren’t motivated enough, who don’t believe in themselves, who are stuck inside the social expectations and can’t think and see themselves outside the box, won’t get as much as those who are ready to try everything and work hard to achieve their goals. But this isn’t some innate difference that was defined at their birth. The person can always turn themselves into a seeker and turn the tables, finding what they desire so much.

The whole paragraph of the Anthem that follows this quote, literally persuades the readers that their fate is in their own hands. No one promises the easy way to the “secrets of this earth”, nor there is a promise that the secrets will be exactly what the people search for. But one thing is known for sure: the one who goes to their goal will probably achieve it (and take all the responsibility for their actions on their way to that goal and for the secret they revealed and its consequences).

The one who doesn’t do anything to get to their dream, who lacks curiosity, determination, strength or courage to walk the way to the end won’t get anything. And, maybe, will still be content with plain life without any secrets, mysteries or treasures in it - it is also the right to choose the author praises so much.