Henry V characters

Henry V of England

Henry V of England

Henry V represents a brilliant warlord and skilled king. Shakespeare tries to emphasize his virtues in every act of the play. Based on the remarks of religious leaders, it can be concluded that Henry’s transformation is a blessing of heaven. In the old days, the monarch repaired outrages...

Michael Williams

Michael Williams is one of three soldiers who dared to visit King Henry V before the decisive battle of Azencourt. The meeting took place as a result of the secret walk of the monarch, disguised as homeless. While walking, the warlord heard a conversation between his officers about the chances of...


Katherine is the child of King Charles VI and Queen Isabel. The girl is known for her noble birth and refined manners, reminiscent of the princess’ behavior. It is hard for a heroine to pronounce English words correctly, which makes readers laugh. In fact, the introduction of this personage...

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