In Cold Blood Study Guide

In Cold Blood Study Guide

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In Cold Blood

“In Cold Blood” is more than just a thriller or a detective story. Truman Capote wrote a truly diverse and multidimensional text that tells a story of a real quadruple murder in the USA. The murder happened in Kansas in 1959 and immediately after it, the author went down to interview the locals. The book was published six years after in 1966.

The murderers were caught and executed within a year from the crime, and the reader will follow the line of hunting and questioning them. It’s up to you to decide what was the reason behind their terrible actions. Many will say it’s the flaws in our society that causes people to act like this.

And while there could be many people to blame for the influence on the actions of the murders, the victims don’t have a chance to say their word. They were buried in clothes that they were going to wear to church the next morning. The morning that happened without them.

Capital punishment. Is it the best punishment for criminals like these ones? Or is it too cruel and inhumane? There’s not much rhetoric about this matter but the reader can’t help but wonder.

It is a book that is a reportage, an experimental investigation and a questioning report all in one text. Capote created a true crime genre, unique and new at that time. It is poisonous and it seems that the author was poisoned by it himself. After “In Cold Blood” Capote couldn’t finish any more novels. He was disappointed that the book didn’t win the Pulitzer Prize and no high appraisals and positive feedback could save him.

You don’t have to be a lover of criminal texts to read “In Cold Blood”. It is a second most popular crime book ever, so its impact on the world literature is great and a true book lover can’t afford to miss it.

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