And the rest is rust and stardust. Lolita

And the rest is rust and stardust.

Quote Analysis

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This is the last phrase of the long poem “Wanted” from the book “Lolita” by Vadim Nabokov. We meet the poem at pages 169-170. It is written by Humbert Humbert, the main character of the book, after Lolita - his teenage lover who once was his stepdaughter - escaped him with another man. Lolita’s disappearance caused a lengthy depression and one of the ways Humbert tried to cope with it was writing poems.

Analyzing them, Humbert himself came to the conclusion that they could belong to the maniac obsessed with his victim and may be the symptom of his psychopathology. But nevertheless he still chose to follow Lolita, find her and have his revenge on her kidnapper.