Mansfield Park Study Guide

Mansfield Park Study Guide

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Mansfield Park

“Mansfield Park” is an educational novel by Jane Austen, where she with a touch of irony reveals the vices of high society.

The events take place at the beginning of the 16th century in England. In the estate of Mansfield Park, where Fanny Price is being raised, there is widespread disagreement and misunderstanding. Selfishness motivates the actions of people here. Relatives do not give Fanny love and a good relationship. Only cousin Edmund cares about her. Her aunt Mrs.Bertram refers to her as a housekeeper, other members of the family do not notice her. Fanny is a modest, kind and decent girl. She falls in love with Edmund. But the young man got carried away another girl. However, thanks to the kindness, unselfishness, and perseverance Fanny manages to overcome all the circumstances; torments help her to find herself and her happiness.

There are a lot of characters and events in the novel. Describing everyday life, the author reveals the characters of her heroes subtly and psychologically, shows how their relationship develops and how they are guided. From the book, you can learn a lot about manners, life, traditions of Old England, about English society, the pastime of noble Englishmen. Status and money become the measure of happiness. Under the beautiful, well-mannered shell of young people lies greed, hypocrisy, selfishness, and laziness. In “Mansfield Park,” narrow views of morality often encounter with more open and poor moral codes. All characters deal with questions of how to behave and what is right or wrong.

The main thing in the novel is human feelings and properties: Fanny is patient, Edmund is kind, cousins ​​are frivolous, aunts are greedy. The novel is multifaceted; it is about relationships, human destinies, and vices.

Critics call this novel “fair of vanity.” In other works of the author, there is no such an unobtrusive condemnation of the material approach to life, as in this novel.

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