Notes from Underground Study Guide

Notes from Underground Study Guide

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“Notes from Underground” is the creation of Russian author Fyodor Dostoyevsky. It is a memoir of an undefined man who goes through dark times. It’s not just a literary piece, it’s a chemical substance. It is a kind of book that changes the reader after the last page is over.

The first part of the story is a monologue of a retired man. By reading through his confession the reader will find himself experiencing the same emotions and feeling just as ashamed, as the narrator himself.

"Notes from Underground" is the text that touches the depths of your soul, your mind, and your personality. In a masterful way, the Underground Man relays not only his thoughts and memories but also analyzes why these events and thoughts appeared. His honesty and openness are striking. He doesn’t make excuses, he doesn’t try to justify his actions – he knows that the reason behind many of his actions is the rotten soul and distorted mindset.

This meticulous, step-by-step revelation of the dark parts of one's soul resonates with every reader. In the second part, the narrator talks about particular events that “put in practice” his inner flaws. It is a psychological battle of the mind who has decided to achieve absolute transparency with its inner demons.

The Underground Man might be a small and miserable man, but he is a human being. He has dignity and strengths to accept his personality the way he is. And it’s up to him to discuss why he is like this and what brought him here. At the same time, the reader will ask himself the same questions.

“Notes from Underground” is a unique book. It will make you adopt a different outlook towards all other Dostoyevsky creations. It is also a key to understanding all his other characters and their personalities. It is a book that will make you suffer and call for fresh air. But you will come back different after you finish it.

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