Of Mice and Men Study Guide

Of Mice and Men Study Guide

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Of Mice and Men

If there’s a book that has managed to portray the reality of American Great depression times, that is for sure “Of Mice And Men”. When making through another day is a victory, when a friendship is broken and a man’s life is lost, when the superior’s family is causing trouble but there’s no way to stop it without putting yourself in danger... The life nevertheless goes on and tomorrow the reader will wake up to another day of despair, hard work, big dreams and simple truth.

If you know how to appreciate fine literature, you will certainly love Steinbeck writing. The contrast, allegories and metaphors are all over the text: a small man George Milton is to make difficult decisions for a giant man Lennie Small, who has disabilities. Fear can evoke life saving instincts that are needed to fight back. But at the same time even simple touch can be mortal when fear takes over the situation.

The purity of the book is described in the two working men, who are happy to get any kind of work, who also have a big American dream – one day to have their own farm instead of working seasonal harvest jobs. But for now Lennie has a local dream of owning a puppy instead of a dead mouse in his pocket. He just simply likes to touch soft things, when life hits him hard at every occasion.

John Steinbeck wrote an amazing text. It is sad, it blows you away with the cruelty of everyday life and strikes your imagination with the human courage to dream big no matter what.

The concepts of dreams, guilt, compassion and fairness are discovered from inside out and shown in the light you had never thought about. The book is definitely worth reading. It is a unique manifest of being hungry for life, fighting each day at a time.

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