Persuasion Study Guide

Persuasion Study Guide

Original title:
Published March 18th 2004 by Oxford University Press (first published December 1817)
Somersetshire, England(United Kingdom)
Lyme Regis, England(United Kingdom)
Bath, Somerset, England
ISBN 0192802631 (ISBN13: 9780192802637)

Persuasion is worth reading not just because it is the last creation of a legendary Jane Austen. Most of all it is a detailed autobiography that sheds a lot of life on the author’s life. It is also a very mature love story that unfolds in a middle of economic and political changes in the country.

At the beginning of the book, the reader meets a respected and wealthy Elliot family. It consists of a father and three daughters. The father, Sir Walter Elliot tends to spend more than what he has and this has put the family into a difficult financial situation. With great disappointment to a comfort-loving head of the family, they have to relocate to a cheaper house.

The heroine of the book, Anne Elliot, is a complete opposite of her father. She is a very refined and mature character. It turns out that the brother of their new tenants is somebody who she used to be engaged to. It was Anne who canceled the whole things because of the low status of the husband-to-be. But now she is overly excited for a second chance.

The book isn’t a thrilling and exciting read. It is mostly the mature readers who appreciate it. While for some the book might seem boring and deprived of action, the others understand that it is about atmosphere and emotions, not plot. It shouldn’t be read to see what happens in the end, it should be read to feel each word and sentence on each page.

If you are looking for a passionate love story, detective plot, bright humor, then keep browsing the bookshelves. But if you are ready for some psychological thinking, empathy, warm feelings and compassion – then you’ve found what you are looking for! It is also worth reading for the great descriptions of the typical British countryside life of the end of 18th and beginning of 19th centuries, full of delicate houses, high-tony manners, and calmness.

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