The Bluest Eye Study Guide

The Bluest Eye Study Guide

Original title:
The Bluest Eye
Published September 6th 2005 by Plume (first published June 1st 1970)
United States of America
Lorain, Ohio(United States)
ISBN 0452287065 (ISBN13: 9780452287068)

“The Bluest Eye” by Tony Morrison is a novel that is set in 1941. Is it a book written in an easy and airy narrative that dwells upon topics that leave everyone uneasy.

The eyes of a person. They can tell so much. They are the history, they are the character, they are the ocean and the universe. And for some people like Pecola, they are the sign of being a chosen one. Pecola, an African American girl who lives in a small town of Lorain, Ohio, suffers a lot from her origins and looks. She is jealous of blue eyes that are a sign of white people for her.

The story is told from a perspective of the girl who doesn’t realize why some people receive amazed gases, while all she gets is violence and abuse? Have you ever thought why people don’t like dandelions? They call them weeds, but they are so bright when they are yellow and so tender when they are white. Maybe they are just jealous of how strong these flowers are, covering all the lawns and sides of the roads.

The scenes from the life of there girls unfold in front of the reader and you can’t help feeling desperate to help them, to hold their hand and tell them it’s going to be alright, to tell them they are beautiful and they should and could love the way they are. But you can’t, and the girls get laughed at, teased, raped, pregnant. The author’s style doesn’t call upon you to do something, to protest, to be better. It simply tells the story that will never allow you to be the same as before.

The book is a serious reading and its topics are deep and painful. That’s why it has been prohibited from reading in numerous institutions and communities. Today we have a privilege to have unlimited access to it and it’s worth discovering the text to better understand these phenomena in American life.

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