Through The Looking Glass Study Guide

Through The Looking Glass Study Guide

Original title:
Through the Looking-Glass and What Alice Found There
April 23rd 1993 by Books of Wonder (first published 1871)
ISBN 0688120490 (ISBN13: 9780688120498)

Lewis Carroll wrote a continuation for his “Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland” six years after the original book was published. “Through the Looking-Glass” picks up the story of a curious and fearless young girl six months after the previous book has left it. And this time the adventures are even more crazy and fascinating than before!

This time Alice steps through the mirror and observes the world backward. She helps the White Queen and gets fascinated by the weird poem. It turns out hard for her to leave the house since every time she returns to the same entrance. The talking flowers help her and send her to meet the Red Queen.

The ambitions of the book grow comparing to the first story. This time Alice enters a gigantic chess field as a White Pawn with a final goal to become a Queen herself. She enters a forest where her memory leaves her but eventually she reaches a castle with her name written on it.

The short summary can go on but the main beauty of the book isn’t in a plot – it’s in the sensations it brings. It is unexpected, funny and witty. It’s full of language and stylistic tools that are so delicate and refined that the reader will want to keep rereading it over and over again.

Besides the entertaining function, the text also provokes deep discussions and thoughts. Should every name mean something and what does your name mean? Can a thing that is broken grow back together? And is it true that every time we achieve something we desperately want, we must start over? These are just a few of the questions posed by the book.

There are many reasons to read “Through the Looking-Glass”, and these are the top ones: to freshen up your mind, look at the world around you through a different perspective, get pleasure from pretty illustrations, enjoy the smart words of wisdom and great discussions. So start reading now!