Alaska Young

Alaska Young may be described as a wild and mysterious girl who very often is in troubles. She is a leader for her friends and a reliable person who always helps one to solve personal matters, including the problems with cigarettes and alcohol. She is, undoubtedly, the leading character who makes everything happen in the Culver Creek.

Also, Alaska is the one who changes Miles's life completely. One moment from the story that depicts her sincere desire to help others is that she takes the fall for everyone who is caught smoking. Talking about her relations with Miles, Alaska captures the boy's attention from the very first moment. He becomes a person Alaska may trust and also he is only one who knows where Alaska stashes her wine. However, the girl has a long distance relationship with her boyfriend, Jake. Consequently, even though she is flirty with Miles, Alaska truly loves her boyfriend. Also, Alaska states in the story that she has no place to call home.

Because of this fact, the girl stays at Culver Creek during holidays. Despite the fact that she looks like a happy-go-lucky girl, she is actually alone in the world. In fact, the girl herself has a lot of personal problems and even has a fake ID to get wine and cigarettes from town. In some time, Miles realizes that the main reason for Alaska's self-destruction is her inner sufferings and her inability to forgive herself for mother's death. Lastly, considering the complexity of Alaska's personality, it is still unclear what has happened during the car accident when the girl has died.

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