Looking for Alaska Study Guide

Looking for Alaska Study Guide

Original title:
Looking for Alaska
December 28th 2006 by Speak (first published March 3rd 2005)
Alabama (United States)
ISBN 0142402516 (ISBN13: 9780142402511)

John Green wrote “Looking for Alaska” in 2005. Some might say that this is another book about ordinary American teenagers, spoiled and vulgar. But the American Library Association and New York Times think otherwise ranking it high in their prize and bestseller lists. 

“Looking for Alaska” is a book about death and life, it teaches the readers that time heals everything and how important it is to let go. Miles Halter, a young boy who moves to another school, is young, smart and very special. It’s because of him that the book is centered on notions of youth and building friendships. But there’s also a tragedy that is caused by rash decisions and rash actions. This tragedy teaches the characters and readers about how difficult a loss can be and how it’s important to forgive. Learning to move on is one of the most important survival skills. 

It’s a story about love, friendship, loyalty, and trust. It is also about happiness and sorrows, being indifferent and supporting each other. Alaska is not hard to find but it’s hard to get to know this character well even after having finished the whole book. 

She takes her secrets with her when the last page finishes. Having troubles with her emotions, the girl says things we all keep quiet about, cares about little things and is liked by the readers despite her counterproductive actions. There’s just a perfect balance of black and white in her. 

The book is a great read at least just for the immense compilation of the last words of famous people that the author has collected in one text. John Green manages to write a fascinating young adult text without falling for the vampires, supernatural events, werewolves, time travels and superpowers. He proves that life is fascinating as it is and it takes a whole life to learn how to make our years in this world count.

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