Ava Paige

Chancellor Ava Paige is an enigmatic and highest-ranking chancellor. As far as her appearance is concerned, she may be described as a round-faced woman who has her hair always pulled back. From the beginning, Ava Paige is against the use of Immunes for the Trials. Also, she is one of those individuals who oppose Thomas' death. She has a very good strategic skill and plans an escape route for Thomas and other Immunes. She also believes that WICKED is good mainly because due to them the human race may be preserved. She is shown as an intelligent and charismatic lady throughout the story. She is a woman who is able to make decisions by herself. Also, she is quick-thinking and able to manipulate any changes in plans without any problems. Lastly, she is a very realistic and delusional person and is not sure that the things her organization does are necessary as far as long-term goals are concerned.  In the epilogue of the book, Ava Paige declares in a message presented to her associates that the Trials are a success. She says that Chuck and the "rescue" are valuable as far as the path to finding the cures is concerned.

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