The Maze Runner Study Guide

The Maze Runner Study Guide

Original title:
The Maze Runner
October 6th 2009 by Delacorte Press
ISBN 0385737947 (ISBN13: 9780385737944)

“The Maze Runner” is the first of a series of dystopian books written by James Dasher in 2009. Despite being so young in age, the novel’s plot has become so popular that it was turned into a movie and is now one of the most popular books among young people around the world.

The protagonist of the book, Thomas, wakes up to find himself in a metal box without any recollections of his past. He is met by other children, in particular the leaders of the group, Alby and Newt. They introduce him to Glade – an abstract place surrounded by high concrete walls that move at night.

Behind those moving walls is a labyrinths full of evil monsters called Grievers. If the monster bites one of the gladers, a painful process begins, along with which a temporarily memory return happens. Despite the ongoing struggle with the outside world, boys manage to distribute labor and organize their everyday lives.

What unites these kids? Who is sending them all these supplies that come once a week in an elevator? The reader will get close to finding it out when the elevator with the first ever girl arrives, also containing a note that no more provisions or children will be coming.

Despite being a dystopia, the book greatly dwells upon such concept as friendships. The warm relationship between Thomas and Chuck form a real bond that lasts till the very end of the story. Combined with notions of persistence, dedication and sad acceptance of the death, “The Maze Runner” makes for a very unique dystopia genre.

A mixture of supernatural powers, mystique creatures, cryptic hints, fight for survival and feelings of isolation certainly resonates with buzzing teenager’s mind. The book is a fascinating read and it’s hard to put it down once the first page is turned. Check it out and let yourself be absorbed by the mystery of this novel!

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