Chip Martin

Chip Martin is Miles's roommate whom everyone calls "The Colonel." Even though Chip is a bold and loud boy, he quickly becomes a friend with Miles and helps him to accommodate to the conditions of the new school. The boys have a lot of common interests and share a strong love for video games.

Hence, Chip becomes Miles's first true friend when the boy arrives at Culver Creek. Talking about his past, Chip comes from a low-income family, and this fact affects his attitude toward others. However, regardless of the poor material state, the family plays an important role in Miles's life. In fact, the boy's mom Dolores trusts her son and supports him in everything. Also, Dolores is a great cook who works at a waffle house, and Chip truly likes spending time with her on holidays. Also, it should be mentioned that although the boy truly loves to prank his peers, he is an honest and reliable friend who will always help others in difficult times.

Also, another fact is that Chip smokes a lot and asks Miles every time to buy cigarettes for him. Talking about Chip's relationships with girls, due to his not attractive appearance, the boy dates only one girl named Sara. Nevertheless, the girl also eventually breaks up with Chip.

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