Clint is rather a short guy with dark grey curly hair. He is rather a minor character who is a former Glader. The hero operates in The Maze Runner as a Med-jack, along with his partner Jeff. Even more, he is almost always seen together with Jeff. The first time when Newt introduces Clint is when Thomas is being given the tour. However, the first time when Clint's presence in the book becomes genuinely noticed is with the arrival of Teresa, a teenage girl. Nevertheless, in most of the scenes, Clint is presented only in the background and appears rarely.  He is the reliable and professional medical first responder and does his best to help others when they are hurt. He always quickly responds to the needs of others. Also, he is one of many other Gladers who has gone with Thomas to fight with the Grievers. Eventually, the hero survives. However, the further destiny of Clint is no known. Probably, he has died during the escape. He appears in those moments when anyone from the Gladers needs his medical aid. Due to this fact, he spends a lot of time with Ben who goes through the Changing. Also, he helps Teresa when she is without conscious.

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