Emma Woodhouse

Emma Woodhouse is a well-educated, wealthy woman with nice appearance. It is how we can see the main character and heroine of the novel Emma by Jane Austen. For now, Emma seems to be very simply structured and is therefore initially unsuitable as a heroine, as it seems to discourage the reader's fascination. However, their interesting and at the same time ambivalent traits lie deeper below their supposedly perfect surface. Not only Jane Austen herself described Emma as a heroine "who no one but would like much like" because many scientists such as Bernard J. Paris refer to Emma as a “remarkably complex character.”

One of Emma's dominant characteristics is, as numerous critics have consistently noted, her domination. Especially through the friendship with Harriet. This is particularly clear because it serves as a role model and can thus manipulate their actions reckless. Harriet's dependence on Emma makes this friendship so unique. For her she is “Socially far inferior, she can never become more than the submissive protégé Emma makes of her.”

Emma is very haughty and vain in thoughts and actions because she constantly permits herself to intervene in the private affairs of her environment and to couple people. She is mistakenly convinced that she is very talented in it.

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